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Rainy days on the farm

My niece and nephew came down to spend this weekend with their grandparents, and now that S&B is around there are usually farm activities planned for them. Unfortunately, this weekend there was also a lot of rain. Playing with the animals isn’t as much fun when you’re dodging raindrops and mud puddles.

But just like rain doesn’t stop the chores on the farm, it sure didn’t stop them from farm activities! They learned about Camelids when they made camelid cookies.


And their baking adventure didn’t stop there! They also made some homemade dog treats for Patu and Sharna!


One thing they always do for us that saves a TON of time and is so helpful for the animals… they make electrolyte concentrate. Each jar is poured straight into our 2 gallon buckets, and the animals are so appreciative of the added support. We add electrolytes when it’s hot, or when we feel an additional boost is needed. Just like on a hot day when you start reaching for a Gatorade – that’s what we do for them.


Lucky for us, the rain stopped for just long enough that they got to come say hi – and meet the new baby!


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