Utilizing our resources

We have the short term luxury at the moment of having more pasture than we need for the animals. As we grow, this will change - but for right now, that means we are mowing some of the fields instead of simply just rotating the animals through. For instance, the last time sheep were on this land was almost 4 months ago. It is definitely rested, and cleared of the parasites that would cause any issue. That means we mow, then rake, and then share. The babies get the majority since they are still growing. As you can see, it's sandwiched in between layers of hay. We introduce rich f...
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Family Germs

When my mom used to teach birthing classes at Hardin Memorial, she would often talk about the concept of “family germs.” Her granddaughter (my niece) talked about how she learned family germs were ok to share with your family – that is why it was ok to eat and drink after each other but only within your family. Our flock is a family. The sheep eat together in a large feeding trough. They drink after each other from the watering buckets. With the exception of the babies born with us, all of our sheep were purchased from the same farm. Our sheep have family germs – and we want to keep t...
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