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Mediterranean Lamb Bowl

Looking for a fast, easy, DELICIOUS dinner with a beautiful presentation?    This Mediterranean Lamb Bowl recipe from Fox and Briar has you covered.

When customers come to our booth at market, interested to try lamb for the first time – this is our #1 most suggested recipe.   When customers are looking for something different to try with lamb – this is our #1 most suggested recipe.   When customers are wanting a tasty but simple dinner… when customers are having company and want to make something impressive… when customers are loaded with summer produce of cucumbers and tomatoes…  –  this is our #1 most suggested recipe!!!!

Of course, it starts with approximately 1 lb of our pasture raised ground lamb.

easy Mediterannean lamb bowl, Mediterranean Lamb Bowl

The rest of the grocery list includes some pantry staple seasonings (paprika, allspice, red pepper flakes, ginger), plus some fresh mint and parsley, onions, and garlic.

For serving, you will also need pita, hummus, tzatziki, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Don’t forget to pick up some microgreens from us when you purchase your lamb!

The ground lamb is cooked with onions, garlic, and spices.  (Unless you have someone in your household who doesn’t like onions, and then it’s just cooked with garlic and spices!)

ground lamb cooking in skillet with spices


While the lamb is cooking, you can get started on the turmeric rice recipe, also from Fox and Briar.  I’ve used cauliflower rice as well as regular rice – both with great results.   This is also a very easy and straight forward recipe.   Note:  if you’re making cauliflower rice, omit the chicken broth and plan to steam it instead.

Sprinkle a few of our microgreens on top, and dinner is ready!

red plate with pita, cucumber, tomato, tzatziki, hummus, turmeric rice, microgreens and ground lamb


Looks good, but you need dinner in a “to go” format?   Instead of cutting the pita, just use it as a wrap instead!!

Mediterranean lamb bowl stuffed inside pita with tomatoes, cucumbers, turmeric rice, and tzatziki



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