Shearing Day

Shearing day is so exciting... since it happens only once per year, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into the day. We've learned that the best way to prepare fleece is actually by preparing the pasture and their living areas first. A week or so ahead of time, we started raking loose hay, limiting access to the dirt piles that they love to roll around in... and then finally by hand picking "stuff" from their fleece. Fuzzy Butt Alpacas from Berea, KY is the company we use for shearing. Don & his crew take such good care of the animals. We started the day with our p...
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Tuesday was one of those days for us at the farm that didn’t go at all as planned. We took off work for one reason: to pick up Beate! Our friends at Eagle Bend have been working to get her bred, and she finally was confirmed pregnant on Thursday last week. She’s about 2 months along (due summer next year), and we were so excited to finally take her home. Well, Tuesday was hot. And the farm truck doesn’t have air conditioning. And Eagle Bend is almost 3 hours away. So, by the time we got home I was just miserable. We developed a plan that I was going to get a bucket of water for Beat...
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