You are currently viewing January 6 – time to take the tree down!

January 6 – time to take the tree down!

It was entertaining to watch the debate on social media about when to put the Christmas decorations up.  And, it was equally as entertaining to see opinions on when they should come down.

This year’s holiday season was a little overwhelming for me, so we put up only a few decorations: a very tiny (artificial) tree, with a light up bubble light, and my favorite ornament.   A gorgeous Scentsy Nativity Wax Warmer, filled with a “Holiday Honey” fragrance wax melt from Thoughtful Hive.  And a plug in hallway Christmas tree light from my mom.

Are you a pre-Thanksgiving / post New Year’s decorator?   Or up on Christmas Eve / down on December 26?   Do you go all out with lights and decorations, or are you more of a minimalist decorator?

There’s definitely no right or wrong answer… but what I’m curious about is for those who decorate with a LIVE tree, what do you do with that tree when the season was over?

In the State of Kentucky, there is a Christmas Tree Recycling Program that accepts these trees, to improve natural lake habitats!   In the video link below, you can see how fish make themselves right at home in the branches:

Fish over KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources habitat in Beaver Lake Kentucky November 2020

An article published by USA Today also describes several other ways that these live trees can be recycled – by making mulch, or using them to help combat beach erosion.

I also think the idea of purchasing a Christmas tree to plant that would complement your existing landscape is a fun idea.

And if none of those ideas work for you, just let me know.   Our goats would be happy to take care of it for you!


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  1. Rickeshia

    Oh my goodness, the goats are the cutest! I am definitely a pre-Thanksgiving and after New Years decorator. It helps to get me in the holiday season and it helps create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

  2. Gina Abernathy

    Farm girl here! People in our area like to use the trees for their ponds or the lake. It provides great habitat for fish. I was also late taking my tree down this year. You wait all year to put it up and then hate to take it down. The lights and decorations bring me joy.

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