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I pretend to can…

Ok, I admit it.   I’m scared to can.   When I was a little girl, we had a huge garden at my grandfather’s – and each summer, I would help my mom to prepare the bounty.  Pickled beets, green beans, tomato juice… those were the ones I remember most vividly.    But me?   I’m a pretend canner.

For my homemade tomato sauce, I prep the tomatoes and cook that sauce down until it’s nice and thick.   I love how there are so many tomato varieties in here!

And after cooking, I put it in glass jars while it’s still warm.   And of course, I always turn them upside down afterward to make that nice seal.

After a few hours, they go into the fridge – and the next day?   Into the freezer.   Because, you know, I’m a pretend canner 🙂   To be a REAL canner is one of my goals.   Hopefully, soon!


And of course the chickens looooove getting those tomato scraps!

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