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Pesky White Chicken Adventures

The alpacas are fed square bale hay, and the hay loft is directly above their barn (affectionately referred to as the ‘Paca Palace at the farm).  Access is by a permanent ladder, and the entrance is a big open hole in the floor.    A few weeks ago, Brian was pulling some new hay down and noticed a commotion in the corner – Pesky White Chicken (her actual name) was seemingly stuck in the loft.     She was sweetly rescued and sent on her way.

, Pesky White Chicken Adventures

Well… today we found out what she had been doing up there…

, Pesky White Chicken Adventures

Having no idea how long they’ve been up there – I heartbreakingly destroyed all 17 of these beautiful eggs.  And the reputation of our Pesky girl lives on!

We decided the best option at this point was to install a bit of a door to access the hay loft, so we have an old wood & screen door laying on top of the hole now that slides over for access.   Not quite as easy, but it sure beats unexpectedly finding several weeks worth of unusable egg production!!

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