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Goat Math

I’ve been reading about all the things my new homeschool teacher friends are learning this week… and I wanted to share my experience the past few days with something called Goat Math.
When Brian and I discussed purchasing our milk goats, I picked out 2. (Keep this number in mind). And the next thing I knew, I got a text saying that one of them just had quadruplets. So our 2 goats went to 6 goats in a matter of minutes. 2 goats = 6 goats
On Saturday when we went to pick them up and take them home, I asked Robin if there were any that were her favorites that she was having a hard time letting go (Robin and her husband are moving, and can’t take their goats with them). We are now up to 8 goats in the trailer. 2 goats = 8 goats
We knew that one of the “not original 2” was pregnant, but didn’t realize exactly how pregnant… until she gave birth to triplets last night.
And this my friends is apparently Goat Math. 2 goats = 11 goats.

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