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Simple Outdoor Goat Play Area

In order to stave off any boredom for our goats – we decided to make a mini playground for them today!

Using some items laying around the farm, we created this awesome ramp and lookout perch.

It started with the chimney blocks that we took home from Brian’s dad’s farm in Grayson County.  I had grand plans to use these for flower planters, but I haven’t yet gotten around to that… so we put them into the goat area.   As you can see, Charles already claimed domain over his kingdom!

boredom for goats, Simple Outdoor Goat Play Area

We added the ramp, just to see if they would enjoy playing with it.   Zsa Zsa’s babies were very curious about this new addition to their yard.

tiny goats playing near ramp

And they very quickly learned they could jump and stand on the ramp!

baby goats trying out ramp

Like all dutiful mothers, Z was right there watching her babies play.

goats playing on wood ramp

And even later that evening when they knocked the plank off the top perch – it was still a lot of fun to play here 🙂

goats playing on blocks and plank

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