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Eggs eggs and more eggs

The chickens are such a fun addition to S&B. Though their main job is to assist with pasture maintenance by following after the sheep with pasture rotation, they’ve also been the first source of income as well as true entertainment.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve seen a lot of eggs. This was our first egg:

first egg

This is a picture my first customer sent me – she was so excited to get farm fresh brown eggs, she immediately cooked it for dinner and sent me a picture:

cooked egg

This was the most eggs my girls laid in one day:

nest eggs 0622

I had 5 eggs per day for several days in a row – and was overwhelmed by eggs!

eggs for sale 0701

There’s been a teeny tiny fairy egg:

tiny egg

And a mega gigantic egg:

gigantic egg

Another tiny egg:

tiny egg2

An unexpected egg (under the bush instead of in the nest box):

unexpected egg

But this one. Shew. This one about did me in.

rubber egg

It looks normal, doesn’t it? It wasn’t at all. When I reached in to take it out, I may or may not have screamed a little bit. It was a complete and whole egg – with no shell – and was the consistency of rubber. After freaking out for a sufficient amount of time, I checked Lisa Steele’s website Fresh Eggs Daily. It was very interesting to find out that this is a normal experience! Thankfully for me, this was the one and only so far this year.

No worries – if you purchase eggs from us, I promise they won’t be rubber! That is, unless you decide to do this fun science experiment!

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