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We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

A bushel of corn

I did something for the first time ever this weekend:   I bought an entire bushel of corn from Goodin’s Garden with the sole intent of prepping it for use over the upcoming months.   After discussing the various storage methods with Sara, she said they’ve been cutting the corn from the cob and freezing it – uncooked – for several years now.   She feels that it retains the fresh summer flavor longer this way.  I trust my farmer!  So that became my plan, as well.

My first question:  how many ears of corn are in a bushel?   Do you know the answer?   It’s 5 dozen!   And though that may not sound like so much, 5 dozen x 12 ears per dozen = 60 ears of corn.

1 – Aw, shucks

We took our bags outside, and worked to shuck and de-silk

corn, We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

I then brought the ears inside and laid them on a towel next to the sink for step 2 in our process.   It was about this moment when my brain started screaming, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!”   I texted Sara for support, and she said, “a lot of work now to enjoy corn throughout the year.   Welcome to preserving food :)”

corn, We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

2 – Cut the corn

I was also not prepared for how messy cutting corn from the cob would be!  Using a regular chef’s knife this time, and completely filled the largest bowl in my kitchen before I completed all the corn I had.   I was able to fill this gigantic bowl twice.   But then again, I also had 60 ears of corn!!

corn, We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

3 – Fill the bags

I used a measuring cup as a scooper, and filled my quart-sized freezer bags.

corn, We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

corn, We had a super ‘CORNY’ weekend

What a process!   But I am also very excited to know that fresh corn will be on our table, even when it’s no longer in the ground.  Food preservation is yet another skill that I want to add for my family, and this was a very easy way to start.

So, I am curious – do you preserve corn for the winter months?   If so, how do you do it?   Any tips for next year?



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