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Grow your own Astronaut Garden!

Did you know that astronauts on the International Space Station plant their own garden, and grow food while they are in space?  Their “garden” area is named Veggie, and it has continued to be utilized since first installed in 2014.

You can read more about how astronauts grow plants in space, and then plant your own Astronaut garden here on Earth.  I bet it will be a little easier to manage in your backyard instead of 200+ miles up in the sky!

Begin by picking your favorites from some of the seeds that astronauts have grown (affiliate links):


Red Romaine Lettuce


Chinese Cabbage

Mizuna Mustard

Waldmann’s Green Lettuce

Red Russian Kale

Wasabi Mustard

Dwarf Pak Choi

For my Astronaut garden I selected 2 varieties of lettuce, 2 varieties of Zinnias, and some Red Russian Kale.

flower seed packs

In my area, folklore dictates that outdoor planting takes place after Derby Day (the 1st Saturday in May).   So even though our “safe” frost date is still a few weeks away, I was anxious to direct-sow these into a raised bed that is special for this garden.  I’ll be keeping a good eye on the weather over the next few weeks, and will cover the bed with frost cloth if needed.

I used plant markers so I would remember where I planted, and then I also decorated my Astronaut garden with “moon rocks,” a small flag stone, and a solar powered globe.

astronaut garden, Grow your own Astronaut Garden!

The lettuces and kale seeds I selected have very short germination times – so I will be harvesting very soon!   I plan to make a large summer salad, and have a date night under the stars.

p.s.    After planting our Astronaut Garden, it continued to be a space-focused week in our home.  Over 4 days, we watched the 4 episodes of the Netflix documentary Challenger: The Final Flight.   (If you haven’t seen it, I strongly encourage the viewing.   We are completely overwhelmed by the “behind the scenes” events surrounding the Challenger disaster.)


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  1. Holly

    My kids will love this! We have a small raised garden bed on our back porch. I’ll save some space for their astronaut garden 🙂

  2. Tammy Horvath

    Plant markers are essential. I use them when I plant flowers, too, so I know how to care for each since they all have different water requirements.

  3. Nikki Wilder

    I love this! My sons going to really enjoy doing this with me. Lots of great info!

  4. Tiffany Smith

    I didn’t know they grew veggies in space! What a cool new fact 😆

  5. Alexis Farmer

    I love this! Now I have to give the space garden a try.

  6. Lisa Manderino

    What a fun idea! Ilove veggie gardens!

  7. Danielle

    I’ve never heard of an astronaut garden before – what a great idea (to plant one here on Earth, lol)!

  8. Maria

    This is so cool! What a great idea to try here on earth. We homeschool and I’ll definitely be researching and talking about this veggie space garden with the kids. We’re excitedly planning and preparing our garden here in Michigan right now.

  9. Sabrina

    This was great information. I had no idea astronauts had gardens in space. I am inspired to start my own. I just have to get hubby to build a large fence to keep the deer away.

  10. Sandi Barrett

    I didn’t know they had a garden on the International Space Station – I guess it makes sense. Very interestting.

  11. Chelsea

    I’ll have to check out the Challenger episodes on Netflix. My son is obsessed with space. Whenever the international space station can be seen overhead, we are outside looking for it. What a fun idea to create an astronaut garden! My kids would love this.

  12. Cindy Moore

    This is such a fun idea! I’d love a space garden.

  13. Sabrina DeWalt

    I miss gardening. Unfortunately, we haven’t been in a place to garden for the last two years, but are planning a move next month. If things go as planned, we should be back to gardening next year.

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