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Amos & Andy come home!

Keeping in mind that a ram is 50% of our lamb production, finding a new one to replace Francis was both a happy and sad occasion.   We are so fortunate that our mentors (Scotty and Linda of Hedgespeth Farms) knew exactly what we needed.   Introducing bottle babies Amos and Andy!

You can see my dad introducing himself to his newest “grand-sheep”   🙂

, Amos & Andy come home!


These guys are still quite small, so they’ve got a lot of growing to do before we turn them out with our girls later this fall.   It won’t be very long before picking them up like this won’t be an option!

, Amos & Andy come home!

We try to practice biosecurity to the best of our abilities, and this means quarantining all new animals for at least 2 weeks.   This way, if they happen to be sick they won’t infect the entire farm before they are able to be treated.   We set up a pen for them that is on the other side of the sheep barn.   They can see / smell / hear everyone, but it will still be a few weeks before they join the other boys.

, Amos & Andy come home!

Plus, it’s also a lot easier when you’re bottle feeding if they’re separate from everyone else!

, Amos & Andy come home!


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