Master Composter!

For 4 weeks during August, 2019 – I attended the Master Composter class at the Civic Garden Center in Cincinnati. I’ve been very grateful that the Hardin County Extension Office has been allowing me to share my new knowledge by teaching a Composting 1 as well as Composting 2 class for their Gardener’s Toolbox series.

I’m very passionate about waste reduction, and ways that we can all improve what ends up in our trash can (and ultimately the landfill). Plain ol’ bin composting, as well as using alternative methods such as Bokashi, black soldier flies, chickens, and worms all help to reduce our waste stream.

Rumor has it that during this time of forward-facing-business shutdown, that I will even be offering a Zoom webinar hosted by the LaRue County Library. If you’re interested in ways to reduce food waste, with a very awesome benefit of improving your soil’s health – please join me!

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