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Fencing 2.0

This is a huge day on the farm – this is the beginning of fencing project 2.0.

, Fencing 2.0

The thick black lines were completed with fencing project 1.0.     The area marked as “4” will actually be transitioned to paddocks 4-8 for the sheep.   And today?   Fencing project 2.0 started.

, Fencing 2.0

The fencing company drilled the posts into the ground along the wavy edge of 4.   This is perhaps one of the most interesting areas of the farm, because there’s a large dropoff along a cliff that is covered in underbrush and trees.   The sheep won’t touch this area, so we want to be sure they are protected from falling off!

, Fencing 2.0

They sure make it look easy, don’t they?     It will take some time to regenerate the soil along this fenceline – but it’s a challenge I am definitely looking forward to!

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