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Our first Snow of 2022

It finally happened… our first big snow of winter!   And wow, it was a pretty substantial one.  Our very unofficial measurement was 6″ right outside the barn.

yardstick in snow measuring 6"

Since we knew snow was in the forecast, we prepared the farm last night.  Super full hay feeders a little extra grain ration made sure everyone would get a good night’s sleep.   This morning around 10am, the snow started coming down.

blue Honda Fit as snow is starting

It didn’t stop until after 5pm.

view of snowy yard from soap room window

We laughed that our goats had not even walked outside today…  you can tell this by their absolutely pristine barn entrance!

goats looking at 6" of pristine snow

I had other plans for the evening, dreaming of springtime and soapmaking!

gardener scrub recipe from soap room table looking out at snow


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