My top 10 cooking tools

The Hardin County Farmers’ Market is now open!

I’m so excited, and can’t wait to start cooking with fresh, local food again.   I have so many ideas for new recipes this year, to include incorporating our own pasture raised lamb and microgreens, as well as my own backyard garden supplemented by farmers’ market purchases.

I especially love cooking new and different dishes, that are twists on some more well known dishes like chimichurri and tacos.

Brian and I tease each other about the “tools” of our respective hobbies.  His garage and workshop are overflowing with tools of every sort needed for just about every job imaginable.   Meanwhile, my knitting supplies (!) and kitchen have the tools I need to do the jobs that I want.

But today, I am thinking of cooking!   Do you have any favorite cooking tools?   I sure do – and here are my top 10 must-haves for my kitchen (affiliate links).

1 – tongs (several pairs)

2 – a good set of knives

3 – an easy to use knife sharpener

4 – dishwasher safe cutting board

5 – a sturdy vegetable peeler

6 – seamless spatulas

7 – stirring spoons that rest on the side of a pot!

8 – My KitchenAid mixer (the S&Bakery became SO much easier to handle once she came into my life!)

9 – tasting spoons

10 – my favorite cast iron skillet


What are your must-have kitchen tools?

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