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My new Bokashi bucket + homemade EM Serum / Lactobacillus Culture

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For Christmas, I asked Santa to bring me a Bokashi bucket and I’m so excited to get it started!   During my Master Composter certification, I learned about an alternative method of composting called Bokashi.    Basically, this compost method ferments the food waste ( to include meat! bones! dairy!), and then after fermentation the Bokashi matter is introduced to an existing stable compost bin or dug into the ground.

This is my new bucket!   It came with some Bokashi bran, but I’m also going to make my own.

I started by sprinkling a little of the bran on the bottom of the bin.

Notice the slots?   That’s to encourage drainage of the Bokashi leachate.     While I’m in the early stages of my Bokashi setup, I am going to go ahead and make my first batch of serum.   This will be part of my homemade Bokashi bran at a later date.  Essentially, I am making a batch of Effective Microorganisms by using white rice, water, and time.

I started by soaking, and then vigorously shaking, the rice mixture.

Then, I strained the rice and returned the water back to the jar.

And then, I covered with a loose dish towel and placed it in a dark corner of my kitchen for brewing.

This will rest for about a week, and then we will move on to step 2 of the serum.

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