Women’s Outdoor Adventure Socks


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These super cozy and warm women’s outdoor socks are similar to the men’s version.  Whether you are an avid hunter, work outside on cold days, or just like being extra cozy at all times, these socks are for you!    Easy care and long lasting, these socks are super comfortable and warm without making your feet sweaty and stinky.

50% alpaca + 35% acrylic + 10% nylon + 5% spandex = 100% warm and comfy socks!

Easy care: turn them inside out, and then machine wash/dry.

S-M (women’s shoe size 5 -8) | L-XL (women’s shoe size 9-12)


**some striping patterns may vary slightly from the photos shown

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Purple, Pink


S-M (women's shoe size 5 -8), L-XL (women's shoe size 9-12)