Chicken Hat Pattern (Knitting)




Please note:   this product is the pattern for knitting your own chicken hat – it is NOT the finished hat.

Who says chickens can’t be fashion-forward?! Not us!

After stumbling upon the most “cluck-tastic” photo of a chicken sporting a hat, we couldn’t resist hopping on the bandwagon and creating the next fashion statement that will have your chickens strutting in style!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – chickens don’t need hats to stay warm!

But hey, sometimes it’s all about the smiles, right? Dressing up our chickens is pure entertainment, and our farm isn’t against getting a little silly sometimes.

While we don’t have the time to knit hats for all the chickens out there in the world (but we wish we did), we wanted to share our hat pattern with all of you. What you’re purchasing here is a pattern for the knit hat and not the hat itself. But we promise it’s super easy to make this cute cap!

So easy that even a chicken could do it (well, almost!). If you’ve got basic knitting skills like casting on, knitting in the round, and wielding double-pointed needles, you’ll be on your way to hat-making success in no time.

Want a classic beanie-style hat? Got it! Prefer to go all out with pompoms and ties? Absolutely! We believe in giving our chickens the freedom to express their unique styles, so we’ve included a few easy variations you can add to your hats!

After all, they’re the real fashion pioneers here.



This pattern is for personal use, and is not to be redistributed or sold.


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