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How to Make Mint Infused Olive Oil for Soapmaking

I enjoy being able to add a little “extra” to the soaps I make.  You would think that providing the goat milk would be enough, but sometimes I am a little #EXTRA and also include garden vegetables and herb infusions to make our soap even dreamier.

Last month, Lesley from Solway Farms shared some of her excess mint with us – in trade for some soap at a later date.  The first step is to infuse some olive oil with this beautiful mint.

Dehydrating the mint

Using my brand new Hamilton Beach dehydrator,  (affiliate link) I wanted to test which would work out better:   I added some to the dehydrator tray while it was still on the stalk, and on a separate tray I picked the leaves first.

fresh mint on dehydrator tray


I set the controls on the dehydrator to 100° and 5 hours, and went about my day.

Later that evening, the mint was dried and ready for the next step.

making mint olive oil, How to Make Mint Infused Olive Oil for Soapmaking

(You can see I added the smaller, picked leaves to the special “herb tray” that was included with the dehydrator.)

Infusing the oil

First, I started a water bath in a large pot on the stove.  I felt I had enough mint to infuse 3 quart-size jars of olive oil, so I laid 3 jar sealing rings in the bottom of the pot.  The rings keep the jars from having direct contact with the bottom of the pot, and allows for a more even heat distribution.

I divided the mint into these 3 jars, and then filled them with Olive Oil – leaving about 1″ of headspace.  (Although these jars will not be “canned,” I wanted to be sure that the oil had plenty of room to bubble and expand during the heating process.)

making mint olive oil, How to Make Mint Infused Olive Oil for Soapmaking

I set the jars on the sealing rings, filled the pot with water, and then turned the burner to low heat.  I let the mint steep in the heated oil for about 3 hours, and then I turned off the burner, carefully added a sealing lid and ring to the top of the jars, and let them sit overnight.

The next morning, I removed the completely cooled jars, tightened the sealing rings, and set the jars in a warm corner of my soap room away from direct sunlight.

dehydrated mint steeping in olive oil


I’ve been shaking these jars a bit every day, and plan to do so for a few weeks.   Stay tuned for the next steps in the process!



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