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Empty nest

We’ve had a lot of storms here lately, and as I was leaving for work this morning I caught sight of this:

nest with katahdin hair

The wind blew several empty nests out of the big maple next to the house, but this one was the most interesting. Crazy mix of materials, don’t you think? The part that made me smile so much is that the fuzzy white material came from Mama White.

Our sheep are purebred Katahdins. They are classified as “hair sheep” (as opposed to “wool sheep”) – which means that we don’t shear them. They grow a big, fuzzy, warm winter coat… and then shed it once the warmer weather arrives. In the following pictures from early March of this year, you can see a close up of shedding in progress – as well as white chunks of her fuzzy coat all over the ground.

1037 shedding


Although the coat that is shed isn’t good for fiber purposes, apparently it makes wonderful nesting material!

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